Saturday, July 30, 2011

Monthly General Meeting

Nigerian Musician D’banj was cautioned by a Bishop @ living faith church

The man of God at Living Faith Church worldwide also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop Oyedepo did not get carried away with all the blings and swags of Mohits star, Dapo Oyebanji popularly known as D’banjwhen they came in contact.

We learnt that D’banj was recently contacted to perform at a Youth Programme in Covenant University where the Bishop was also a special guest of honour.

Those present at the event said when D’banj was introduced by MC to mount the stage for his performance, D’banj appeared on stage in his normal bling-bling mode of dressing and when he was introducing his song, the highly respected Bishop Oyedepo stopped him. 

According to eye witness account, we were told that the Bishop’s gesture took everyone by surprise when he ordered the ‘Fall in Love’ crooner to stop his performance.

It was learnt that the Bishop while trying to maintain the good standard of Christianity, told D’banj to remove the entire bling on his neck and to be cautious of what he’d say on stage.

Although some of the people who were there told us Bishop Oyedepo uttered the warning to D’banj jokingly, however, not a few maintained that he meant every word he said concerning the star musician.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Stitch In Time

Halima Abubakar wins actress of the year award

Halima Abubakar wins actress of the year award
Halima Abubakar has surely reveled in a bumper year including the celebration of her 10th adversary in Nollywood and has recently added another feather to her cap. During the recent Global News Magazine, she won the best actress of the year in the Global News Leadership Awards from the English category. The event took place at Time Square Events Centerat, Lagos, Nigeria. The applause that greeted the presentation of the award is a sure indication that everyone that was in attendance that day agreed that the natural born diva actually deserves the award.
Reacting, Halima who has put more than a decade into the Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood said she gives all glory to God. She also used the opportunity to appreciate her fans that have been with her all these years and also to movie producers, directors and all her colleagues in the industry. Meanwhile, another magazine, City People has nominated her in the same category for their entertainments award coming up very soon.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I love confident men who sweep me off my feet

I love confident men who sweep me off my feet
Starting from humble beginnings, Rita Dominic has risen to be counted amongst the top echelon, considered one of the best female actresses in Nollywood, and has largely stayed off controversies. And in a recent interview she granted Entertainment Today, Rita made a revelation of her ideal type of Man:

You‘ve slowed down on Nollywood movie features, what ís the reason?

I am sure you’ve noticed that it is not just me. The quality of the stories and productions started going down drastically and at some point you have to remember why you went into the profession in the first place. If all these years we don’t improve, then there is no reason to continue. I am glad a new Nollywood is emerging and we are all trying to do better work.

Define the Rita Factor that differentiates you from other female Nollywood actresses?

I feel like that question is one for others to answer. Every human being is uniquely blessed by God and I try to be true to myself by being me.

Do you have any plans to direct and produce your own movie?

Co-produce yes but not direct at this time. I still feel that there is so much I can do as an actor. Maybe later down the line, I will direct something but I still enjoy acting so much.

Do you have any movie you are working on now?

Yes, I am going to Nairobi in a few days to shoot a film. The working title is ‘Shattered’ and it’s produced by Carol Nguta for Dream House Productions. I am looking forward to it because it is quite a challenging one.

Looking at the great change in Nollywood movies today, is there anything you would like to change as a person or add to it?

We can get always better in terms of the quality of the stories we tell and the way we tell them. I am producing my first film soon and I am doing my best to do a good job.

Male actors in Nollywood are cute, which do you find it hard to work with when trying to avoid emotional attachments?

Lol, you think our male actors are cute? Good for you! When I go to work, it is not my intention to go fishing for emotional attachments so I cannot say there is any male actor I find hard working with for the reasons you have stated.

Talking about classics like Ripples, Behind the Clouds, Checkmate and the others. Do you have any soaps from the past that you still miss?

I remember watching Checkmate and enjoying RMD’s (Richard Mofe Damijo) character. I also liked the late Francis Agu’s character as well.

If you win a lottery today, which of the Nollywood actresses would you enjoying spending it with?

(Laughs) they know themselves and they are very fun people, no airs whatsoever. Two live in Abuja and one is in Lagos so figure it out if you can.

Off the record, if not burgers and fries, which African dish are you very good at making?

I am good at making different dishes but I will say Egusi and Oha soup.

Do you ask male artists these questions?

Tell us something you think the press doesn’t know about you already.

Are you for real?
They know too much already!

We hear a lot of celebrity broken marriages round the world, what exactly would you say turns you off about Nigerian men?

I don’t know about turn off but generally, a man that says what he means and means what he says is a big turn on for me. I love a confident and purposeful man.

Do you have a problem with being dominated by a guy?

(sighs) ‘Dominated’ is a word that can mean so many things to so many different people. You would have to rephrase that question.

Would you ever act in a movie for free?

Ohhh yes! If I see that dream role I definitely would do it but that is why we have management. They stop you from doing silly stuff like that (laughs). If not a lot of artistes would starve for their art.

Which artiste in Nigeria would you date if he asked nicely?
Yeah right, like I would really tell you!

What is the cheapest amount you ever received for a movie?
Zero naira. There are still some producers owing me from back in the day.

What brand of car makes you go ‘WOW’ every time it’s being driven by?
The Rolls Phantom Drop Head Coupe is lovely.

Who made your best dress?
Data for JD7.

Boots and Boys, which do you find fun in?

Huh? I love boots and I love boys so there you have it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Religion, Money, Power!

Most times at my private time I would wonder why has the entire world been so troubled. Why has people become so wicked and crafty towards another humans like them. What could be so responsible for this and how could a lasting solution yield much needed results. I feel the world is going crazy and people are seriously going by the flow of it. Several mysterious things happening across the world and many have also become victims. I recently read in a news paper on how a clergy committed suicide.

"The world is strange and strange things are happening everywhere"

This is a supposed solution provider through his leadership role as clergy and level of understanding. Someone who might have read wide in understanding things. Someone people run to when they are face with problems of life. A solution giver if I may say. What happened that this man took his OWN life is still mystery to me till this very moment. The world is strange and strange things are happening everywhere!

In my view and I stand to be corrected anytime, anywhere. I consider these three things as common factors hence making people doing and committing suicide, crime, killing, etc. They are Money, Power and Religion belief. I'm not playing ignorance on how important they are to people in daily lives but approach to it and ways of going about it is causing havoc in our society today.

Money: We use it in our daily lives and one can't over em-phased the importance of money to people. A friend who is almost same age as me got into business and life has been good with him.Things are going very successful with him and we refer to him as young millionaire. Another friend envy him and had wanted to attain same level of success which led to his death. He mist up with wrong gang and got killed by the police. He was one the best in my class at high school level. The crave for early wealth killed him in the process.

Power: This is also a very strong catalyst that takes lives everywhere in our world today ranging from recent evolutionary protests across middle east and northern Africa countries. There are brains behind all this and they mastermind people into doing it. The end results has not been so good and many taking into it everyday. Crave for power is idea behind it all. Power for oppression, subsiding others and forcing people to bow because you enjoy certain immunity.

Religion: To some extents I don't see an end to this factor. It has eating deep in our society today. Most people prefer to give their daughters and sons to people of same religion as them. Many find it real hard to accept people from different religion when certain issues are raised. Below is a case study. Please enjoy your reading.

we are btw d devil n d deep blue sea,we need ur advise!A very close christain female friend of mine is deeply in luv with a muslim broda.they both c their faith as a barrier 2 their relationship n also their parents won't allow such a relationship n they hav gone so far with each other.pls b fair in ur advise,wat wuld u advise them 2 do?
Friday at 11:47pm ·  · 

  • Topic: we are btw d devil n d deep blue sea,we need ur advise!A very close christain female friend of mine is deeply in luv with a muslim broda.they both c their faith as a barrier 2 their relationship n also their parents won't allow such a relationship n they hav gone so far with each other.pls b fair in ur advise,wat wuld u advise them 2 do?
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac l'll conclude after hearg frm all of u.pls dis is a serious issue,thk u as u save a soul.
      Friday at 11:50pm · 
    • Rose Djemah-Unuafe The big question is, can 2 work together except they agree? if the sister is not ready to leave her faith and become a muslim,there is no need carrying on with the relationship,its better now than never.there is nothing like i'll convert him,if at all,the men do the converting.I pray wisdom be increased upon her..........
      Saturday at 12:32am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@Rose thk alots dat is why u're a mother.Oh Lord help me,wat shuld l tell her?
      Saturday at 12:41am · 
    • Janet Olarewaju u tell her dat she is in d wrong path.The Bible says our God is not a God of confusion.was she actually convienced..
      Saturday at 12:51am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@ Janet,l'm helpless 4 now but my joy is dat she is readg every comment u guy's are makg bcos she belve u pple will b more neutral dan any other person 4 an advise
      Saturday at 12:58am · 
      Saturday at 12:59am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@Anita,my social Doctor,gud 2 hear frm u again,u hav always b a mentor whn it come 2 issues lik dis
      Saturday at 1:04am · 
    • Joehanson Ihoeghian God bless my brother, good 2 kno you're der, anyway jst 2 say but a few thing,, the both faith matter in any relationship, love is all abt compatibility both in mind, faith or believe which is d foundation 2 b built
      upon. that is 2 say no mater 2d love, their destiny is what matters here,,,,,, they hav 2 diff, foundation dat can't go in same direction .
      Saturday at 1:19am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@Joehanson,my hrt is heavy.where do l start frm?
      Saturday at 1:25am · 
    • Faith Mohie Isaac all dis pple hv spoken well. Can 2 work togeda except they agree. Wat has lite got to do wit darkness. I'm not trying to be harsh. But wen i meet Ǻ guy n u tell me ur faith is different frm mine i dust my shoes n walk away. I don't even go further. Ǻ broken relationship is better dan Ǻ broken marriage. I advice her to flee.
      Saturday at 1:28am ·  ·  1 person
    • Tobin Ibiene Anita A muslim wil nt u 2 date his sista nt even 2 marry. It's hard 2 close, bt d truth must b told here, xcept she want endure d gal,wake up, it is ur future dat is at stake nt love...He dat ve hears, let him ear, wat d spirit is saying!
      Saturday at 1:32am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac Oh my God! who has planted dis seed.
      Saturday at 2:03am · 
    • Faith Mohie Wat seed?
      Saturday at 2:04am · 
    • Patience Obozekhai true talk. run 4 ur dear life now dat u stil ve ur 2legs,a broken relationship is better dan a broken marriage. U are a child of a lion, and a lion cant give birth 2 a goat. when lv goes cold, ur parent wil b dere 4u but when u disobey them sorry.use ur tongue to count ur teeth.
      Saturday at 2:13am ·  ·  1 person
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@Faith,my friend is on pain seriously.d muslim broda belve his life is tired 2 her n she is now confuse.someone need 2 tell them d truth....ha.....pls let d cat out of d bag,no meta hw painful it mayb
      Saturday at 2:13am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac mayb she can convert him in d long run.ln fact d broda is ready 2 change his faith 2 d sake of dis point l'm even more confuse on wat 2 say..shock........
      Saturday at 2:23am · 
    • Faith Mohie Nonsense isaac. Can we continue in sin dat grace may abound. God forbid. I don't advice dat relationship @ all.
      Saturday at 2:47am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@Faith,l'm stil in shock bcos l doubt if dis convertion is dis not a method 2 deceive d sister bcos there are many cases where after joining her in faith 4 a while,d guy force d sister 2 join whn she can no longer log out of d marriage.
      Saturday at 2:55am ·  ·  1 person
    • Faith Mohie Isaac i do not support d union. Shikena. Take it or leave it.
      Saturday at 3:04am · 
    • Oba Hussein Broda,itz so painful i cant follow up on dis thread coz i'm in a bus nw travelling.All comments hv bn gud bt i noticed religion intolerance in most.
      Saturday at 3:06am · 
    • Omoh Momodu for even the bibble said"do nt b equally yoke with an unbeliever". so i think dis dmand strict solution in absence of luv
      Saturday at 3:14am · 
    • Keji Oladeinde ‎@Balogun,i will advice ur friend to quit the relationship becos it cannot work,there are no two ways to it.She has already made the mistake of taken the relationship to this level but it is never too late to right a wrong.tell her to quit the relationship now.there is always a man out there for every sister she can still fall in luv again with the perfect man
      Saturday at 3:28am · 
    • Keji Oladeinde i know it is not easy to break up with someone u love.tell ur friend to go down on her kneels,jesus can help her through the breakup process
      Saturday at 3:34am · 
    • Henrietta Felix I wld nt advice her to marry d guy cos she is also marryin d family the big question is dat can she fight the battle alone wen d time comes cos it is no longer goin to be d guy alone neither is it goin to be boyfriend n girlfriend battle but family,dear sis it is better to look for ur heathrob elsewere dan be grounded for life n not fufill destiny.
      Saturday at 3:35am · 
    • Keji Oladeinde i will advice every lady and gentleman out there to always find out their partners religion and genotype befor goin deep into any relationship so that on the long run they will not find themselves in this mess
      Saturday at 3:38am · 
    • Henrietta Felix Tanks bro dat is another topic for discussion
      Saturday at 3:39am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@keji my hrt is still heavy bcos l'm not a doctor.l realy wish at d end of dis topic,they will listen 2 words of reasoning n other pple out dere will also is beta u knw dan u don't knw.
      Saturday at 3:40am · 
    • Henrietta Felix Dat is the truth those dat will still fallin love wrongly will still fall no amount of debate on this topic can change dat
      Saturday at 3:45am · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@Henrietta,l guess u'll b a gud relationship Doctor bcos u just touch family issue now.
      Saturday at 3:47am · 
    • Henrietta Felix my advice to every one out dere dat has contributed so far on dis topic is dat pls fall inlove with one part of ur brain open n d other part closed.
      Saturday at 3:51am · 
    • Henrietta Felix Tank u bro cos maybe am in a lighter mood today n i like d topic
      Saturday at 3:54am · 
    • Moses Alenbalu are u the one?
      Saturday at 4:06am · 
    • Henrietta Felix Weather am the one or nt is irrelevant to the topic of the debate the most important thing is ur contribution n opinion
      Saturday at 4:24am · 
    • Harry Ed well, I'd sound a bit controversial here! everyone advises d girl to quit n thts pretty much fine but what happens to d guy, huh? this is very sensitive n whatever advise u giving does matter. I'd suggest that shld also take guy into considerations here. religion is not a dead problem to a union anywhere, but ppl involve is... Whether muslim or christian, ppl can live 2gada in harmony.
      Saturday at 4:28am ·  ·  3 people
    • Joy Ebi Akhigbemen hmmm, thank God am not walking alone on this matter
      Saturday at 6:43am · 
    • Matthew Aghahowa this is my advice if d christain girl holds the word of god as her final authority,she should do what its says.light and darkness cannot stay may b right to religious christian but the word will always has its final says
      Saturday at 4:58pm · 
    • Henrietta Felix Hw can u leave in harmony with wat u dont know or tryin to learn it is just like a child learnin hw to crawl wen she is supose to be flyin like an easy my dear it is goin to be difficult to leave in harmony wit d family
      Saturday at 5:09pm · 
    • Iyi-ewuare Osasu are dey getting married 2 either parents?if dey feel dey hapi wit d relationship despite diffent religion dey can go ahead cos understanding dem selves is d issue
      Saturday at 5:38pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Henrietta Felix My dear y r u talkin as if u r nt a nigerian,who stand besides u wen all ur friends or so call wife or husband ve let u down is it nt d same family dat will be dere for u,guy wake up n face reality cos we r nt in america dat we can tell our family to go to hell n damn the consequence.
      Saturday at 6:01pm · 
    • ‎@ henrietta...marriage is in practice everywhere n so is religion. I choose to join d topic cz most comments has been for d girl n no one cares about d guy. pls, no matter wht's happening in country now, ppl shld be allow to do things in t...See More
      Saturday at 7:03pm · 
    • Henrietta Felix I ve also seen situation wereby d brother promise to change to d sis belief after which went back to his religion,the question am askin can dis girl fight d battle wen d time comes,can her love carry her true dose period of trial wen d time comes cos both evey one dat has contibuted so far will no longer be dere wit dem
      Saturday at 7:24pm · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@past Mat,Henrietta,Harry,Osasu,​Joy n evry other person dat hav put down his or her opinon.l wnt u all 2 knw dat we are all trying 2 save a soul.when l went thru all d comment,tears roll in my eyes, bcos things dat hav 2 do with emotions,religion,faith n luv are sensitive issues.but d truth must b told.keep d rod n spoil d child.
      Saturday at 8:11pm · 
    • Henrietta Felix my dear u r welcome it is better for truth to be told than not said at all
      Saturday at 8:19pm · 
    • Henrietta Felix When u are found in the wrong relationship,u amputate ur future
      Yesterday at 4:27pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac Oh Lord,Pls do not leave me like dis.
      18 hours ago · 
    • Henrietta Felix My dear the lord that keep isreal frm all adversity will surely not leave u alone
      18 hours ago · 
    • Oba Hussein Isaac .O,i'm back 2 base & can contribute nw.Its so painful dat wit our educatn & level of xposure,we stil wallow deep inside d pit of religion sentimts.Imagine words lyk 'unbelievers' & 'darkness' being used 2 qualify a faith coz u dnt belong to it.Too bad!
      16 hours ago · 
    • Oba Hussein ‎@Omo,lyk u knw,ma mum wz a xtian & married ma Dad.They've neva had any cause to regret dia union.Despite being a respectd muslim family,we hv given much of our daughters 2 xtians just lyk we've recieved bcz we undstd they worship NOaT demons & we r concerned abt dia hapines.So broda,if dis pple truly luv demselves,religion cant b barrier except we human beings create one.
      15 hours ago · 
    • ‎@Oba,whn l remember ur home,hw we grew up 2gather,so many questions go thru my hrt,but d truth is dat,ur home is an exceptional home n l'm happy 2 hav learn so much frm ur family.l stil wnt 2 say ur family is an exceptional ques...See More
      15 hours ago · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac BUT no meta hw bita it mayb,d truth must b told putg sentiment apart.
      14 hours ago · 
    • Harry Ed To put a stop to this, Isaac pls tell concerned ppl d stand of d parties involve in this
      8 hours ago · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac ‎@Harry n Oba,l just finished speakg wit d Sisteron phone now n she said wit due respect 2 everybody opinion,we are not in her shoe, dat is why we can't feel her pains n understand d bindg force btw both of them.presently they are soulmate.d departure of one party will lead 2 d death of d other,d question in my mind is dis,can dis b luv?ls there somethg else she hasn't told me yet?
      6 hours ago · 
    • Harry Ed as d philosopher on this issue, try to see how to get real facts from both of them. why has death been brought in? was there any secret oath taken by both of them? relationship is not do or die affair. If it doesn't work out then they are so free to seek somewhere else. what's not met to be can't be.
      6 hours ago · 
    • Balogun Omokhowa Isaac sincel l'm involve in dis issue,l promise u dat l'll get 2 d root of dis issue.
      6 hours ago · 
    • greets to u al.we ve al made our comment,but my prayer 4us is dat as single we al seek God's directn in every step of our lives.oath or not,it is a fact dat marriage is important to God dat is why He do answer every marriage prayer dat is i...See More
      4 hours ago · 
    • ‎@ Patience, said parties are in relationship not marriage. they wish to take things further as we were told here by Isaac but d problem is family n mostly religion background. christian sis in more serious relationship with a muslim brothe...See More
      3 hours ago · 
    • Henrietta Felix D question am askin ever before she fell in love d guy,as she nt been happy hw come she is sayin d depature of one will lead to the death of anoda which i dont agree, we magnify issues more dan neceasry, as she really seek d face of God concerinin dis union.
      3 hours ago · 
    • Henrietta Felix Dear friends y much debate on dis,cos frm d initial story we were told both parents will nt agree to deir union,and onces parent dont bless the union of their children dat marriage cant work even the so call love will nt see dem true,my dear ones she can still love again,let her see beyond were she is goin to n she will get a guy dat will love her again.
      about an hour ago · 
    • Henrietta Felix Even if she has taken an oath with d guy,d oath can still be broken,but if she decides to go on with the relationship witout d approval of her parents,den God help her,i rest my case dere.
      about an hour ago · 
    • it is a fact dat marriage is important to God dat is why He do answer every marriage prayer dat is in accordance with His word.if God is Lord over ur life,u must never do anything without Him.Some pple confess God with their mouths but thei...See More
      about an hour ago · 
    • Patience Obozekhai In every marriage parents must approval bcos God Himself respect d parent,above all follow ur heart if u cannt seek the face of God. my dear Henrietta it is better for us to rest this case bcos a word they say is enough for the wise.God bless u all.
      57 minutes ago ·