Thursday, May 9, 2013



I'm Harry! I'm a professional footballer doing a part time internship with Rising Stars Int'l Sports Academy during one of their recent training section at Vietcam sports center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My role here was to tech and instruct the kids how the beautiful game is being played. 
This is me 

I work as physical and skills trainer with above academy name. Send your kids to us and we can assure parents and guardians for great fun time watching how excited your kids could get when they competes with children of same age in the field and they're totally safe with us. And as part of our traditions, we encourage people to bring their kids for free day training sections with us. We welcome just anyone into our mist including parents/guardians to actually see how we get these kids going by engaging and impacting their imaginary minds via football.

RSISA training section

warming up with RSISA kids

Training makes perfect and this is how we nurture these kids into becoming stars in football world. Looking forward to seeing you @ Vietcam Sports Centers on street 2004 after North Bridge Int'l School of Phnom Penh. 


Rising Stars International Sports Academy base in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a definitely a place where talents are abounds. It's an academy formed by the man himself Ken Gadaffi an adviser to NOCC, media officer to reigning champions of CPL and renown lecturer of communication skills at Human Right University of Cambodia. Aims and objective of RSISA is to grow, train and nurture young talents into becoming stars in future. RSISA has participated at various sports competitions across the city and it environs and we welcome kids from age seven up to 18 years and above.
Harry trains with RSISA

There're ex professional footballers aiming to become coaches and few other qualified coaches working with this academy and they use this as way to pass their football knowledge to the children. I strongly recommend this to anyone especially parents, guardians, school owners, stakeholders looking for better and productive way of engaging kids in after school curriculum. 
Best player of the academy H. Gadaffi in action here

Training venue is at Vietcam sports center on street 2004 few meters away from North Bright Int'l School of Phnom Penh; Training session usually begins at 5pm until 7pm when weather temperature has gone down. The field is in good condition and water is being served to children during and after training.  
Harry in action at RSISA section

Warming up exercise with young talented and brilliant stars of the acadeny