Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet my homies

Mr and Mrs Patrick Edoh-Ukeh

God may not have to step down to prove himself strong before men and for men to believe he does exist. In my own words, God used this family, as a mean to reach and sharpening my destiny at the point it was most needed by me. No wonder the Bible records in "Jeremiah 29:11" that he (God) knows about us before we were born and he had me in his to pass through this awesome family in order to become me and what i am today. I am so privileged to have this couple as brother and a sister's in-law. She treats me as son and a brother even when i was becoming a hard nut at a point yet her love for me never changed. On the other hand, my visionary brother, managing director of PEEDJ NIG LTD a perfect gentleman and well respected Engineer excelling in his ministry,  was little bit different from his beloved wife though for a positive side. He gave me huge opportunities and have always been my back bone. Thank you big brother and somewhat call you "Daddy". You through possess our late dad characters. keep it up and sky is your stepping ground.

Amazing couples at a wedding reception in Lagos, Nigeria

The home maker Mrs Edoh-Ukeh
This woman is an exceptional and highly gifted woman that God in his infinite wisdom found my dear brother worthy of and made them couple for a plan best known to him alone. Carry go and now is the manifesting time.

 From left, Mr and Mrs Edoh-Ukeh, Pst Dan Onono and wife, Jnr Onono and brother Peter Edoh-Ukeh

Joseph Emekeme chilling off at home with Daughter    

Pst Innocent Edoh-Ukeh
  This is another gifted brother of mine. Looking handsome and indeed Innocent as the appears. He's presenting residing at Abuja, the country's capital. Missing you always and hope to meet someday soon. Innocent is happily married to Mrs Esther Edoh-Ukeh (number two) as she's fondly called.

My favorite niece tutu Ejiroghene Edoh-Ukeh and Voke Emekeme
You can say that we are lucky to have such a family and its also possible everyone could have with all true happiness and love flowing out from the oldest to the youngest. Family main business is constructions, Bitumen supply, home decorations, road constructions and building across home country. If you looking for a better and quality hands to handle your construction works, you have come to the right place where honesty and absolute trust is built through quality and assurance.

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  1. You're family is beautiful and seem so lovely. You are very lucky. thanks for sharing.