Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To Lil Jessica

Little Jessica and her Mom Chenda

 Happy Birthday to little Jessica. It was such an amazing evening to be part of this august occasion and with the rain trying to put things in a disarray situation, the party went on well and lots of friends and family members graced Jessica's birthday last night. Proud mother of the celebrant Ms Chenda and her hussy were on their foots welcoming and entertaining guests. Though it was almost a missed party time for me due to the rain yet, I'm glad I made it there. Thanks to Sopheak for her late arrival
Proudly mom in group photo with friends

My little gift for little Jessica
Congratulations and wish you many years of happiness and joy. That you bring more joy and happiness to your fast growing families especially mom and dad. On behalf of Jessica, I am saying thank you to all those who graced the party last night despite the rain and for making sure everyone had great time. To mom and dad, thank you for making me (Jessica) a proud daughter and you are the best parents in the world in my own thinking. Okun chren

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