Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers' Day

LtoR Mr n Mrs Emma, Pst n Dcns P. Edoh Ukeh, Mrs Jane n Hubby, Pst n Mrs Tony Elder

Wonderful couple Pst n Dcns Edoh Ukeh
 This blessed couple has been married since August 1997 with a charming daughter (Ejiroghene) who is now 12years old. Ejiroghene is in her junior high school pursuing basic and modern education at NEPA. They have been great source of happiness to many, giving counseling to younger couples and they are seen as role model to almost everyone around them. They both pastor a church now focusing on dimension of praise. Happy Fathers' day big brother. You have been an awesome blessing to us and its a huge privilege.

Potential Father, Mr Harry
Happy Fathers' Day and wishing you all the best in your marriages. God has brought us together and its for a definite purpose. Just sending my gifts across here in my little way and hope its being appreciated. I miss my daily dose of time with all of you. Out of sight is not out of mind. Stay bless!

Pastor Inncent Edoh Ukeh
Innocent is known for his motivational way of speaking. He was ordained in living faith as a pastor where he met his lovely wife Mrs Esther Edoh Ukeh. They counsel people and offer right advise to many who sorts for their advise. Happy Fathers' Day my gee. 
Pst. Innocent Edoh Ukeh  

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