Monday, August 8, 2011


What's Love?
There are so many definitions today as to what love is and each according to their understanding of the concept. This FOUR letters word, few but powerful, heart piercing, strong feelings and addiction of sparkle that you feel about another one being man or woman.

Love is something you have inside not what you looking for in another one's life. It comes with easiness when you least expected. It comes with full sparks that attract person to you.

Love never use horrible words on each other
Love understands each other
Love support each other
Love listen to each other
Love knows what best for the other
Love never die no matter how long you have been in one.

These are few words of:
Cynthia 35years old, single, had a relationship in my earliest 20s that didn't work out. Full story is coming soon. Keep reading.

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