Thursday, August 11, 2011

Securing Visa as a Nigerian

This is a very sensitive issue and its strictly base on personal experience and opinion. 

Its no longer news to find Nigerians in most countries across the world including under developing one like Cambodia and reason is obvious- visa issues! Nigerians like every other westerners love adventure and like to see the world just like everyone else. They prefer to have good life, quality education, better environment with great opportunities to show and express themselves then give back to the society that accept or embrace them. They are zealous and very hard working set of people. Nigerians are peace loving people anytime anywhere and they welcome anyone at home and abroad. Race is not a big stake among us and they tend to integrate with different cultures and backgrounds.

When they apply for visas to travel, they got turn down, faced with thorough screening or interview with suspicious thinking they would never return. Some were never given an attention by embassy officials or staffs at all and this is not fair in any ways. Nigerians deserves right to enter into any country with legitimate document requirement but, even if they meet all necessary requirement they never get visa to travel. Nigeria is not the only corrupt country in world today and why should her citizenship be subject to hatred and tortures.

Its a complete dead end for a Nigerian to secure visa legitimately into Vietnam presently except through under means. Same thing goes with Laos and several embassies in phnom penh. Yes, there are quite few minority involve in illegal dealings and such people should be treated individually instead of generalization on others who work hard enough for their daily feedings. Anyone caught in an act of illegality should be meant to face the law and that's okay by everyone.

To be honest, no one wish to be stranded abroad while they have families, homes and friends to welcome them anytime. Most of them are stranded on streets of cities across the world for these reasons. If treated fairly and giving due considerations like others, they would quit crimes or illegal smuggling of items to face reality of a genuine immigrants.

Someone who is not working to earn money constantly consider crime and stealing as the next possible options. Several companies across Asia countries don't give employment to Nigerians and this is very unfair. This people in a way contributes to economy growth of places they stay. They spend money each day yet no work to get back what they have spent and they over stay their visas it becomes an offense. I can't afford to update my visa in a country am not working. Daily survival come first and every other is secondary.

Many flee Nigeria for genuine reasons best known to them and parents expect something in return from children after spending so much in sponsoring their trips abroad. Some came abroad for business, education, greener pasture, better environment and most recent sports.  The cost of making a trip abroad from Nigeria is quite high compare to affordable fare charges people enjoy abroad. Some fell victim to fake agent who portray themselves as special agent in securing oversees visa to clients.

My appeal goes to several embassies and companies in phnom penh and its environs, to please treat Nigerians as individuals. No matter what is happening, they are well educated and intelligent Nigerians who could contribute immensely to the growth and benefits of various establishment that can offer them employment. Just as all figures are not equal, so there are genuine Nigerians abroad who want to give their best in whichever means possible.

Lets make the world a better place for everyone by treating people fairly.

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