Friday, July 8, 2011

Hope United FC: Selected Africans Team In Ranhkamheang Bangkok

Yesterday was a day off for me and went to home ground of Hope United FC. Africans from different Countries come together to train and organize football matches within themselves and rarely against any of the Thai league teams or club sides. Majority of the players are unattached and quite few play in Thai league and other lower divisional teams. It was such an overwhelming feeling  to have been part of this group enjoying the beautiful game of football. Usually, training session starts at 3pm but turn up was a bit gross and we started at 3:20pm. Over 30 players braced the field with majority of Nigerians, Cameroonians, Ghanians and host of others.  Interestingly, players were split into four groups namely, Chelsea, ManUtd, Arsenal and Liverpool. Familiar names of top English league teams. The coach came up with this idea as against the initial suggestion of Country's names which could spring up huge argument amongst players whose country name might not be in selection or used.
Training Pitch @ Rankhamheang soi 103

The Coach in charge
Leading huge crowd of players as this is, comprises of huge challenges with so much happening around. Most likely coach got confused whenever he has to make selection of first XI. Players wants to be on field of play anytime coaches has to make choice for team and no one is willing to be on the bench as sub. This man in his awesome wisdom and dynamic leadership, has been able to scale through the hurdles of this challenges. He try to make sure everyone on ground takes part in all activities and offer them right advise and motivating words to keep the ship sailing. I personally went a bit close to figure out how he does his things and my finding has proven this man has all it takes to handle teams and club sides at any level. Coach Pastor as he's fondly called by players, is a Yoruba man from Western part of Nigeria and has also played in top Thai league teams before retiring from active football.

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