Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kenny, Lady Boy and Chiang Mai

Kenny posed with a stranger @ The Mall
 It feels really amazing to be away from Phnom Penh and Bangkok has been really fun since my arrival. I was out with my folks Kenny and Dominic today. We went to "The Mall" for lunch and it was such a great time to be with friends again. Kenny aka KC, Dominic aka Dom used to live and work in Cambodia where we all met. They are fun and funny. KC talks for more than an hour without a stop while Dom is know for his calmness. Kenny is my favorite when it comes to touring and entertaining. There will never be a dull moment with him. He's a jack of all treats and master of none. He does his personal business of buying shoes from Vietnam then resell in Bangkok. He also export parts to Africa where he make huge return. Dom as computer expertise, has gone back to school pursuing career and more advance knowledge.

Beautiful Lady Boy of Thailand
It's funny at the same time crazy to know that this smiling face that my friend KC thought to be a girl was a lady boy. What a huge disappointing look on face of Kenny! Its difficult to actually differentiate between a real girl and lady boy in Bangkok. They dress like girls and most of them look much beautiful than normal girls. As matter of fact, I consider khmer girls much good looking than Thai girls and the irony of this, is that khmer lady boys are annoying and dirty. They are easily spotted with their weird facial make ups. They often hang around street 63, hart of darkness night club and pontoon night club every evening. Aside their annoying look, they are completely harmless and respectful. They interacts with people around them.

Inside The Mall
 The Mall is huge compare to City Mall in Phnom Penh and there are so much in stocks for shoppers. I went round with my folks after lunch doing window shopping. We walked around until we all got tired and sluggish Dom was feeling sleepy. Talkative Kenny could go on without a sign of been tired.

@ Mitrapap Hotel in Chiang Mail
I spent a night here before moving to Chiang Mai FC players camp where I had my football trials in attempt to secure a deal for the rest of the season. Chiang Mai province is in northern part of Thailand. Its nice there and one could find some cool river side bars mostly owe by foreigners. Also, in Chiang Mai are couple of night clubs featuring Thai karaoke and other exciting events that goes along clubbing. There are bar girls around to entertain guests visiting or traveling. Former Thai premier is from Chiang mai.

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