Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Dear readers, it would amaze you to know that Christmas is not mainly celebrated by human Christians only as the animals are not left out of the groove in marking the birth of the savior, Christ Jesus. They have come boldly this year to make their voices heard and bringing to humans notice that Christ died for all not just the general claims that humans were only saved by Christ crucifixion on the cross.

As a matter of fact, I strongly throw my support behind the animals on their new revolution about Christmas. The Bible recorded that God made heaven and earth. He created animals before humans in the garden of Eden. Man gained dominion over animals for a reason best known to him. Oh maybe, for the fact that man was created in the image of God. Please enjoy the viewing from the animals' kingdom at Christmas.

Two can play the game
This couple make sure they are not left out of the admiration for Christ at Christmas. Probably looking at a suitable and attractive Christmas tree at d road corner.

Christmas pets show
Looking for a good entertainer at Christmas? These guyz might just be the perfect ones for your listening pleasure at Christmas. Kindly call out hotlines 488098 for special arrangement.

Its game time at Christmas
They are also very good at games playing ground. Your kids are sure of getting it at it full with the amazing guyz.

Decorating the trees
                              This could your surprised look after seeing out what these guyz are capable of.

Watch dog
                                           Your kids security is 100% guaranteed with the animals.

Bear at snow ground
                                         No one does it better than this calm looking gentle guy. 

Handsome look

Seeing is believing as they say. The woman behind this guy was one of the numerous customers we had last year at Christmas. Fun satisfaction is guaranteed.

You aren't seen nothing like this before i guess. There are too many surprises for you at this year's Christmas.

Kissing or admiration?
This photo is such an intriguing one that put many in doubt of what's happening between this two guyz. Come to the show to see more for yourself.

cheering the crowd
Looking at handsome at the other side
She was seriously concentrating at a handsome pet on the other side of the show that caught her speechless. The look on the face says it all much better.

      This brave little kid was trying to extend his friendship with Tom the amazing runner at event venue.
Banana at lunch
Byte Da food
Delicious byte
Apple's game
Lil charming mouse
Gift opener
This dude is responsible for the sharing of gifts to the first 50 kids to purchase the rolling ticket.Hurry up now to grab yours as limited copies are available.

winter could be too cold
hide N see game
breakfast coffee

Do not disturb my sleeping
Leopard teasing
ho ho ho
Vulvuzilas at Christmas
Santa Claus under water fishing
Seeking shelter
scary face
hip pop shot cutie


Setting the stage
Santa Claus with a pet

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