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Train up a child the way he or she should grow and when the child grows he or she never departs from it. Children, teenagers and youths are what you make them and they are completely looking up to you as the leader and somewhat a role model. In each day that passes, they earnestly look and watch always on all those leading them and a leader attitude clearly reflects on the youths either positive or negative way. Building and working for the future, the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow and the future of every nation is largely depending on the youths. If given the full opportunities to explore their potentials, they would emerge great people that nations and wide world would definitely depends on and live to celebrates.

These are the proven evidence on the platform of potentials. No dreams come to fruition without good advise and encouragement. Youths needs advise and encouragement to move ahead and tell them good things they all need to hear from time to time. Tell them you believe completely in their abilities and you can count on them always and end results does not justify who they truly are. Youths you have got to believe in yourselves than no one else does and strive to get at whatever you set your mind on.

Leaders of tomorrow
These boys and girls were level 10 students as at last year 2009. They started controversially together in class but with quality and proper education system they realized the true worth of each other and studies become a thing of joy to them and every lesson was a fun time.

Getting to meet the folks that made the great class
Kim Hong
This amazing boy started poorly in the class. He was too shy to face the reality of be a student. He considered himself not good looking and poor though the story is far different today. With proper mindset and continuous words of encouragement, this boy has made himself proud. He likes playing football, reading, dancing and eating. His favorite football team is Barcelona FC, Spain.

He is intelligent, good looking, hard working and very popular for his weird dressing looks. He often appears in rugged jeans and body fit tops. He likes singing, reading, drinking, and hanging out with friends.
The BOSS in the middle- Bunaroth
The young boy in the middle was called the "boss" aka Bunaroth though was the youngest amongst leaders of tomorrow and was fully in charge of the class administration during his stayed. Boss later transferred from the school to further his education in Singapore, the news that left his closet pal (kim hong) little sad.
Seng hong
He was great boy and he completely dominated the class all through the sections. Seng hong likes taking coffee, dancing, hard working, speaks English fluently,jovial and close pal was Lim Ann.

Chheng aka jay jay
 This beautiful young girl was one of the folks that made the class interesting. Seemly shy to air her view though very dedicated to studies. she is quiet and one with bundle of talents. She likes listening to music in her free time.
 Bopha aka flower
She was called the sleepy amongst the leaders screw. She likes face book, chatting, reading, eating and mostly sleeping. Her close pal was Daneth who was also member of the great leaders
She was part of the leaders too. Always appearing in hip pop dressing style, rugged jeans and tops to match. she likes secret talking, has amazing smile, good looking, lively, likes hanging out with friends.
Lee Hour 
This young lad was the most quiet of them all though not really quiet outside the class. He was always early to class and ever ready to learn, He wants to become a medical doctor in the future. His closest pal was Madelen and they were fond of each other. Lee hour goes about with a small mirror in his hand bag to look after his face. 

The active gal as she was called by the rest of the leaders was the most talkative gal amongst them. she is clever and always in school uniform and sometimes appeared casual. she was a great force amongst the reigning leaders that should never be under mind. this little gal wants to utilize every of her potentials in achieving dreams. she wants to become a famous superstar.
left is Lee Hour with Singer Lim Ann
With close pal here is Ann. Lim ann was the entertainer of the leaders. he sings and dance. he likes showing off and never feel shy in front of the folks. He wants to become popular hip pop star in the future.

This lad was the real hip pop dancer amongst them. He dress like a pop star and always looking good. he is very secretive and no one knows much about his personal life as allegedly said by Lim ann and Kim hong.
This ever smiling young lad was really amazing. he was too committed to his studies and regular in class attendance. he actually name phalkun the active gal in class. I admire this boy a lot for the fact that he always smile.
Mr. Vietnam as was fondly called is a great boy and wants to feel and seen as a full grown man even at a tender age. he is quiet also.
leaders on the bridge of the dream garden 

Kim and phalkun
Eaten time

dancing huh uh?
leaders doing what they know best
what a delicious chicken bite by Lyhong
nice one 
Daneth and Bopha
Lyhong, Medelen, Phalkun, Bopha, Daneth n Kim
cleaning up the mess
Sopheak n phalkun
Well, these folks are coming strongly together to effect positive changes in the society, community, work places, business, education, training and world at large. Thanks for reading and stay tune to the up coming edition of the leaders team on what is next for them in their quest for brighter future.

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