Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ghana Football Federation Raided

Clubs strike after GFA raid

No action in Ghana Premier League this weekend

Clubs strike after GFA raid

There will be no domestic football activity in Ghana this weekend and potentially beyond after the Ghana League Clubs Association voted on Wednesday to suspend competition indefinitely in reaction to a raid on the offices of the Ghana Football  Association.

The GFA premises was searched under a warrant by officers of the Economic and Organised Crime Office who say they suspect that the GFA have flouted the tax laws of the country.

But despite carrying out the search with a court warrant, the action has angered the men who run Ghanaian clubs. They now say they want an explanation for the raid and a resolution of all outstanding issues including any suspected cases of fraud by the GFA before they will get back to action.

The suspension means the Ghana Premier League which is half way through the season is on hold, but so is the National Division One League and all other football competitions at every level.

Officers from the Economic and Organised Crime Office stormed the offices of the Ghana Football Association with a warrant to search the premises and took away documents and nine computers afterwards.

The GFA spokesman Randy Abbey said they had been told the officers were looking for documents relating to sponsorship agreements between the GFA and other corporate bodies but the head of the EOCO says instead that they have information to believe the GFA has flouted the country’s tax laws.

It came as the Ministry of Youth and Sports moved to distance government from the raid. The Minister Akua Dansua said in statement that the EOCO had acted purely as an independent body mandated by the constitution of Ghana to investigate economic and organized crime.

The raid has been hugely unpopular amongst those directly involved with football in Ghana and already players of the home based Ghana national team preparing for next year’s Championships of African Nations in Sudan have been told to pack home

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